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If you’re planning on purchasing a newly built home or have recently renovated existing portions of your house then a proper home inspection should be on your list of things to do. Not only will a home inspection identify problems with construction or design, but the inspector will also approve work once the repairs are completed for added safety.

New Construction & Renovation Home Inspections

Whenever a new or existing home undergoes construction an inspection is required for approval from the city, but did you know a private home inspection can also help ensure the work is truly done right? The Homeowner Protection Act protects new homeowners from faulty work for a varying amount of time with the 2-5-10 warranty, The first step though, is to find any issues that may exist. That’s where a certified home inspector is the best option.

Your home is often your biggest asset and it’s important to make sure that the condition and construction will last. Your home isn’t just an investment though, it’s also where you live and where many families feel safest. Proper construction and inspections help keep worries about your home’s condition off of your mind, and lets you focus on what really matters to you.

New Construction Inspections

In a new construction or renovation inspection your home inspector will review and identify potential issues throughout the building. A home inspection checklist will be used to ensure both interior and exterior areas of the home are inspected.

For new construction be sure to check your builder’s policy on inspections before booking a home inspector to walk through the home. It is possible that the builder won’t want a home inspector on the property, and as owners they have the right to prevent them from conducting the inspection.

Home Renovation Inspections

For renovations, book your home inspector ahead of time to come and check the construction of any new areas in your home. They will be checking for the quality of materials and construction to meet code and safety requirements. Your home inspector has the ability to hold the construction company accountable for their work, and help make sure you are getting the quality you deserve.

Building Deficiency or Problem Inspections

Not all buildings are built the same, and identifying deficiencies or problems proactively is an important part of being a responsible homeowner. Building deficiency inspections are one of the best ways to find problems and get them repaired before they get out of control, or cause additional damage that will need to be fixed. As former general contractors we understand what and how work should be done to meet code and stand the test of time.