Home Maintenance Tips

Strategies to Help Maintain the Value of Your Home

As Vancouver home inspection professionals, we’ve seen countless issues surrounding house repairs that could have easily been avoided should home owners have follow a basic, annual home maintenance program. These repairs ended up being far more costly because an early detection process was not put into place and these issues identified early on.

Properly maintaining your home will not only extend the longevity of the interior and exterior of your house but will ultimately help save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars during the course of ownership.

Good home maintenance will also:

  • Help keep your home safe and secure
  • Protect your investment while increasing its worth at a higher rate
  • Uncover small problems that can be repaired far more affordably before they become big problems
  • Keep you and your family healthier by reducing dust, mold and mildew buildup

Below is a basic list of house preservation techniques that should be performed at least annually. As Vancouver home inspection specialists, we know that carrying out these tasks regularly will not only save you plenty of money but you’ll also increase the value of your home!

Whether you set a monthly, quarterly or even an annual Spring household cleanup and review of interior and exterior trouble points, this proactive effort will keep your home in the best possible shape ensuring small problems remain small through early detection.

The type of high level maintenance you should consider:

  • Cleaning out your gutters once a year , while ensuring the gutters themselves are in good condition
  • Inspect perimeter foundation for any cracks or unusual formations
  • Inspect exterior masonry for any loose mortar
  • Check exterior drainage to make sure water is flowing away from the foundation
  • if the exterior of your home is painted or has siding , check for any chipping or warping
  • Make sure they are no trees on your property that are leaning onĀ  your house and are not interfering with any electrical lines
  • Check basement for moisture along the perimeter walls and floor
  • Look for signs of leaks or moisture around all plumbing : under sinks, under and behind toilets , washing machines and dishwashers and around any exposed pipes
  • Check electrical breakers for burn marks or other visible anomalies – you want your beaker box to be clean and free of any unusual markings
  • Replace any broken electrical outlet covers plates
  • Check for any cracked tiles around sinks , tub/shower to ensure there is no moister buildup
  • Check exterior porches and decks for rotten wood, droops, sagging or warping
  • Inspect interior ceilings for any cracks or discolouration
  • Inspect exterior walls of home for any loose or damages caulking
  • Check exterior windows and doors for erosion (damaged) weather stripping
  • Inspect your chimney for any soot buildup or bird nests in flue
  • Inspect and clean your roof from any debris and moss, which will extend the life expectancy or your roof
  • Drain all exterior plumbing hose bibs before winter to prevent lines from freezing

Some issues may arise where you should seriously consider calling in a professional. These types of problems when handled by someone with little to no experience can turn into even larger setbacks that will come with a much bigger price tag should something not go as planned. As the Vancouver home inspection authority, we can make proper introductions to tradesmen with decades of experience that can get the job done properly, and significantly more quickly.

Don’t let your home go into disarray, fall apart, become a danger to your family or lose its value. Vigilant maintenance will ensure your home remains as pristine as possible year-round.