Vancouver Condo Home Inspection Checklist: Tips For Inspectors & Homeowners

Having your condo inspected is your responsibility, and a big one for that matter. Unlike a home inspection, where your home is detached and you are mainly the only one responsible for issues that you face being the home owner, a condo inspection can unveil issues that are coming from areas outside of your direct control.

As we’ve seen in recent years here in Vancouver, special assessments on condos are common and can be quite costly, especially when it has to do with a major part of the condo building such as the building envelope, such as rain screening or membrane.

Here is our condo inspection checklist to help guide you through the process when going through an inspection and what an inspector should check for.

Our condo inspection checklist for home owners

Building Exterior

  • Building exterior envelope (rain screening), water penetration points, leaky condo
  • Building membrane & underground parkade structure for cracks & membrane water penetration points
  • Building roof area
  • Window functionality and any water penetration points

Building Interior

  • Interior building common areas
  • Electrical room
  • Mechanical room
  • Heating (boiler, radiant heating)

Suite Interior

  • Heating system, thermostats
  • Electric baseboard
  • In floor radiant hot water heating ,
  • Hot water tank
  • Electrical panel & all electrical outlets , switches .
  • Plumbing for any problems fixture problems , sinks ,basins ,toilets , tub/ showers valves .
  • Tub/shower enclosures for any water penetration points behind tiles .
  • Garbage disposal system .
  • Flooring such as hard wood, laminate, tiles, carpet
  • Kitchen cabinets & counters
  • Any Gas appliances, stove, cook tops, fireplaces
  • Carpets, tiles, doors
  • Ventilation of fans for kitchen and bathroom

Suite Exterior

  • Balcony or patio

Other Items

  • Garbage disposal
  • Washer and dryer installations

These are some of our condo home inspection checklist items when an inspector performs his/her duties. Consider this as a guide, and when you’re ready to book a condo inspection, we’ll be ready to go through the thorough process with you.