Do I Have to Get My Brand New House or Condo Inspected?

new house interior wood floor sun glass wall

First time home buyers often wonder if they have to get their brand new house or condo inspected. Since their purchasing a new home the common thought is that a new home has no issues or problems. As home inspectors who have inspected many new or pre existing houses and condos we know that their are nearly always issues with a property, even newly built homes.

Let’s answer your questions about getting your new house inspected:

Is it mandatory for me to have my new home or condo inspected?

Answer: Getting your new home inspected is a choice and not mandated by law.

Why do new houses and condos have problems if they’re new?

Answer: Whenever a building is constructed, certain code requirements need to be met. These standards are set and inspected by the city, but do not include areas that can devalue your home or may need to be replaced quickly.

Can I have a house inspected before making an offer?

Answer: Yes, as home inspectors our job is to visually identify potential issues with a structure, whether that’s a condo or a house. The report you receive could give you a better understanding of a home’s true value potentially helping you feel more confident when you want to make your offer.

When is a home inspection typically done?

Answer: Home inspections can be done before or after you make an offer on a house or condo. The timing is up to you, but the goal of the inspection is to find any issues as early as possible to allow you and the current homeowner to discuss the details of the home before you become solely responsible for any additional costs.

Will the New Home Warranty Insurance cover part of my inspection?

Answer: In BC we have the 2-5-10 warranty applied to new homes when they are purchased. The warranty covers different areas of the home in the first 2 years, and different areas for the 5 and 10 year timeframes. Although this is a good fall back, all areas of the home are not covered and some savvy buyers will use their home inspection as a means to fill in the gaps, and understand what may need fixing in the future. Learn more about the 2-5-10 New Home Warranty in BC.