8 Useful Pre Home Inspection Tips For Homeowners & Buyers

Homeowners and buyers can use these simple tips and expectations to feel more comfortable and confident while preparing for a home inspection. Home inspectors in Vancouver and around the world have surely seen a lot of different things throughout their careers and few things will come as a surprise. From Pristine houses to leaky basements and unplanned rooftop gardens to houses that also shelter some unknown animals and much more. When it comes down to the technical points though you can help make the process go smoothly and quickly. Here are 8 tips you can and should use before having a  home inspection.


Current Homeowners Should:

Tidy Up Around The House and Remove Clutter

If you want to get the best home inspection possible make sure it’s easy for the home inspector to access areas under cabinets, sinks, in closets, especially those that lead to an attic, crawl spaces and similar areas. The inspector will spend less time moving your personal items and more time accurately assessing the home.

Make Sure Pets Are Out of The House or Can’t Escape


Many Vancouverites love animals and we do too, so we want to make sure they’re safe and not sneaking outside through an open door. Pet dander or hair can also end up on the equipment and clothing of a home inspector, affecting those with allergies. As a courtesy to inspectors and their other clients as well as for the safety of your animals please, if possible, have your pets with friends or family during the home inspection.

Provide Access to Secure Areas

If you’re getting a condo inspection in Vancouver then you can understand why it’s important for the inspector to have access to areas that may be exposed to rainfall such as the roof and parking garage. Make sure the Realtor is present to provide access to secure areas including mechanical rooms, rooftops, basements, and so forth.

Let Your Home Inspector Know of Preexisting Issues

If you already know there’s few things that need to be fixed in your house let the inspector know. You shouldn’t worry about the what if’s, focus on helping and learning something you can use for the next time you’re considering a new home. Remember you’re working together to get a complete list of the to do’s as well as the areas in good shape, so please help ensure all parties are happy.


Prospective Home Buyers Should Know:

All Homes Need Something Fixed


Every home, even new homes, will have something that needs to be fixed. Don’t be discouraged by a home inspection that comes back with more things to do than you predicted. Mainland Home Inspections will even come back to review many maintenance requests with you free of charge after the initial inspection.

Great Home Inspectors Understand Costs

When work needs to be done waiting to get an estimate from a contractor can be stressful. Avoid spending time searching online for costs by choosing a Home Inspection Company in Vancouver with the ability to provide estimates right away. This knowledge can save you a lot of time and help you get the best price possible for the work that’s being done. As former contractors performing home repairs and renovations we have the experience to gauge the costs of the work that you need to be done on site.

Services Shouldn’t End After the Inspection is Finished

Trustworthy home inspectors will return while repair work is being completed to make sure it’s being done properly, and short cuts are not being taken. Some inspectors will even help assess routine maintenance as it happens down the road free of charge. Be sure to ask if your home inspector provides these types of services to their clients.

Credibility and Proper Certification Are Must Haves

When you’re choosing a home inspector check that they’re licensed with the proper credentials and tickets. Sometimes things don’t work the way we had hoped and when that happens you want to have a home inspector in your corner with the credentials to help with litigation if necessary. A properly certified home inspector has the ability to provide an expert testimony when called upon.


Now You’re Ready

Keep these tips in mind when you’re looking for the right home inspector and while you’re preparing for the home inspection. The right preparation and information should help you feel more confident and less stressed during the whole procedure. If you have any questions about home inspections or would like to book a home inspection in Vancouver please contact us and we will be happy to help.