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Mainland Home Inspections' Team is one of the most recognized home inspection companies in Vancouver and Greater Vancouver area. Licensed and certified home inspector Angelo Agaloy has over 27 years experience in the business. Learn More.

Home Inspections

Your house is a major investment. Trust Mainland Home Inspections' Team to protect you from unexpected repair costs now and into the future.

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Condo Inspections

We all enjoy the mild climate in Vancouver, but the wet weather can lead to headaches for condo owners. We'll find any trouble spots.

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Townhouse Inspections

Your townhouse is a place of refuge from your stressful daily life. We're here to make sure your home does not become another headache.

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Inspection Types

In both new and old homes , the best way to ensure that you are well informed about the strengths and weaknesses of a home is to have a professional home inspection. Mainland Home Inspections is well experienced to identify any problem areas both small and large that may have been overlooked by the previous owners and to identify which items that require immediate attention. Read more about our House Inspections
Expensive repairs to a building envelope and mechanical systems are the most significant and common costs you are likely to run in a condominium purchase. A Pre - Purchase Condo Inspection involves a detailed inspection of the Suite you are purchasing as well as a visual inspection of the building's common areas, specially: exterior walls, roof , mechanical rooms and underground parking area. We strongly recommend that all available information about the building in question regarding past or present problems and planned major expenditures be obtained. Learn more about Condo Inspections
Whether you are selling your own home or using a Realtor, it is always a good idea to have a professional home inspection. Knowledge is power. All homes have strengths and weaknesses.We help you answer how serious the problems are and which should be immediately addressed and which can wait. The more you know about your home , the more prepared you will be for negotiation . Learn more about Home Inspections
The Vancouver real estate market is intensely competitive, and we know that you may need to take quick action to get the house you want. To help facilitate this, we can accompany you to an open house showing and give you our assessment on the condition of the house. Learn more about Open House Inspections
In a new home , the quality of construction is often not what it used to be some years ago, therefore many buyers have independent reviews or their properties by independent licensed and certified home inspectors during various stages of the construction process, including foundation, framing , roof trusses ,lock up , and final inspection.This relatively inexpensive inspection protects your purchase, prevents unpleasant surprises, and ensures the quality home that you've dreamed about . Read more On Our House Inspections
While our inspectors are highly trained to identify building defects with the naked eye, there are many conditions that can only be seen with enhanced tools and one of the best in the industry is a infrared thermal camera from (FLIR) it is non - invasive and provides a new dimension of knowledge to the the inspector to help you understand your building. An Infrared inspection can help your inspector identify moisture seepage issues, air flow issues (e.g. heat loss) , electrical overheating issues , poor quality construction, and many more building related issues .